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How can I post my ad on Ceneromane?

1. Post your face! - Register to Ceneromane, create your profile and upload a meaningful image to describe your home and tell potential guest something about you and why your place is amazing and unique. 2. Add your place. - Click on the Be one of our Hosts button to insert your profile. Type a meaningful description of your home and your culinary offerings. Don't forget to indicate your availability in order to avoid being contacted when you're busy. Reply to the messages and reservation requests, taking into account that you will receive them more quickly by using the Site’s messaging system. Add the description of your menu and the price.

How can I create a good ad?

Publishing your ad on the network is the best way to be more visible and have more chances of being selected. 1. Pictures are the main driver for the guest’s choice. 2. Type a description of at least 150 words to complete your ad. Your guests don't know anything about you and your home - help them by telling where are they going, what will they find, what kind of district they will visit and what they can expect. Give them some helpful tips. Establish a trusted relationship between you and your Guest. People often choose a Host Home because they share some interest with the host: tell them something about you. 3. Set a competitive price. A good rule of thumb for the new users is to start with a lower price and slightly increase it after having received some good reviews

What are the costs of the service?

We charge to the Host a service fee of € 5 (approximately 12% of the total amount of the reservation). This fee represents our actual profit allowing us to keep the platform running and cover the costs of the payment management system. During the promotion and launch phase, there will be no charge for guest reservations. For those introducing a friend to our community, the reservation will be always free.

I have just received a reservation request. What shall I do?

When you receive a reservation request by e-mail, you must verify the reservation details in order to accept or refuse the request. You can also receive your reservation requests on your mobile phone by using our SMS notification system. Please reply to the request in 24 hours. Remember: you are never obliged to accept a request but you have to reply to it within 24 hours

How can I register to Ceneromane?

You can register and create an account on Ceneromane for free! If you don’t have a Facebook profile or if you prefer not to use it, you can also register with an e-mail address.

What are the terms for cancelling a reservation?

If a guest wants to cancel his/her reservation, he/she must notify immediately Ceneromane by sending an e-mail to Terms for cancelling or changing a reservation: 1) Cancellation within at least 48 hours before date of reservation: total refund and possibility of changing the date 2) Cancellation within less than 48 hours: no refund 3) Change of reservation date or other changes (e.g., number of guests) • Within 48 hours: always possible • Within less than 48 hours: we reserve the right to individually evaluate any particolar requests of the Guests, in order to find the best solution

To book a dinner

To book a dinner CLICK in the Menu-section LOCATIONS for the list of host who joined our community. Simply visit the locations, select the one you prefere, choose the menu and fill in the booking form. Use the filters: price range, location type of menu Type to make your choice

How to confirm your booking?

Enter your data, number of guest ,choose a date and add a message if you like. Next step, just follow the instructions for a Paypal or credit card payment. Our booking system will receive your booking request and within a few hours we will confirm the availability of the selected host. The reservation will be confirmed via email after your payment, notifying full address and contacts of your host. Terms of repayment:
You'll be free to postpone or cancel the reservation within 48 hours of the date, with our commitment to a full refund without any penalty '. In case of non-availability 'of the host for the chosen date, we promise to offer alternative solutions in line with your requirements, or we will refund the entire amount Now your dinner will be booked you for an unforgettable experience in Rome!

What is social tourism?

It is “tourism as a service”, an opportunity for people to meet, interact, express themselves, exchange their cultures and experiences.